Intruder Alarm Systems padiham

21st Century Alarms have been installing Intruder Alarm Systems in the Padiham area since 1995 with over 200+ Burglar Alarm Installations, we provide a comprehensive range of Burglar Alarm Systems for both Home and Business.

Burglar Alarm Systems padiham

Domestic Alarm Systems

Secure your Home with a State of the Art Burglar Alarm System, we have both Wired and Wireless Systems that will protect your property at all times.
Intruder Alarm Systems padiham

Commercial Alarm Systems

Secure your Business Premises with a State of the Art Business Alarm System, 24hr Central Monitoring with Police, Fire and Emergency Service Response.
Intruder Alarm Repairs padiham

Intruder Alarm Repairs

Repairs and Upgrades from programming a new user code, adding extra detectors to installing a new Control Panel or Bell Box.
Intruder Alarm Monitoring padiham

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Have your Intruder Alarm System Professionally Monitored with 365/24hr Police, Fire and Emergency Response.

Don't Let it Happen to You


The latest UK Crime Statistics for England and Wales details that there were 397.442 reported Burglaries in 2017.

source UK Crime Stats

Burglar Alarms Work

21st Century Bell Box

Homes with No Security Measures in place are FIVE times more likely to be Burgled than those with simple Security Measures. The installation of an Intruder Alarm System can make a big difference in keeping your Home Safe from Burglary.

source Police UK

Burglar Alarm Systems padiham

For all your Intruder Alarm requirements in the Padiham area, why not give 21st Century Alarms a call on 01254 265052 for a Free Quotation.